Larry Boudreaux

Welcome Partners

You have accessed our landing page that is set up to give Partner-1 members and other Moxie trade groups. All trade purchases are the same as though you were paying cash.

Using the navigation bar gives you the same experience an everyone who comes to our website. You can start with the catalog button that shows products we offer by category.  

Partner members pay the same as non-members and can take advantage of any promotions we will be offering.  The difference is that you will be paying with trade.

Navigate through the site as you wish.  When you have finished go the shopping cart to check out.  When asked for your payment method, choose Quik Trade.  Enter your member number in the comments section. 

Let me point out things that should be of special interest to all Trade Exchange Members.

  • You can shop without ever leaving he convenience of your office or  home.

  • We ship all orders out no later than the next business day.

  • Orders of $30.00 or more sent to 1 address are shipped free.

  • We can deliver your Christmas presents which saves you the hassle of going to the post office.  Some will be shipped free.

Let point out our most popular Christmas gifts for Partners-1 members 
  1. Pralines in a collectable N.O. Streetcar Tin box
  2. New Joke book with 550 Cajun Jokes (Clean)
  • Call me if you have any questions or want a special request.  225-588-3068

Larry Boudreaux, Owner
Boudreaux Cajun General Store, LLC