Some of my favorite jokes

In this section you will find a sample of some of the jokes that are published in my latest book, "Dare's got to be at least a dozen funny jokes in here."

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1.  Little Boo axed God to please send him a hundred dollars.

Lil Boo Boo, wanted a hundred dollars real bad.  He prayed for ‘bout two weeks, but nuttin’ happened.   Den he decided to write GOD a letter axing for de $100. 

When de postal authorities received dat letter to GOD, U.S.A., dey decided to send it to da president.  

Well de president waz so impressed, touched, and amused by dat letter, he tole his secretary to send de boy $5.00.

De president taught dat de $5 would look like a lot of money to de little boy.

Lil Boo Boo waz real happy when he got dat $5 and sat rat down an’ wrote a t’ank you note to GOD dat read: 

"Dear God, T’ank you very much for sending me de money

He den wrote, However, I did notice dat for some reason you had to send it threw Washington, D.C., and, as usual, dey deducted $95.00.


2.  Thibodeaux impressed Clotile wit' a beautiful diamond ring

Thibodeaux waz showin’ hees frien’ Boudreaux a beautiful diamond ring dat he bot hees wife, Clotile, for Valentine's Day. 

Boudreaux said, "I taught dat she wanted one of dose pretty 4-Wheel drive vehicles”.

Thibodeaux answered, "She did, but ware in de world waz I gonna find a fake jeep!!"


3.  A little birdie in the bathroom

This is a true story.  De names were changed to protect de innocent.

When lil Pierre waz in kindergarden, he raised hees hand and axed permission for him to go to de bathroom.  

De teacher said,  “Ok, jus’ be good when you go in cause dare will be a little bird watching to make sure dat you are good”.

A little while later de teacher realized dat little Pierre waz not back to his desk yet, and she sent little Emile to find him. 

When dey got back she axed why Pierre took so long in de bathroom. 

 Pierre he say dat he waz looking for dat little birdie all over de bathroom, but ah couldn’t not find it anywhere.


4.  Dares ducks in heaven

LeBlanc, Broussard, an’ Guidry all died at de same time. Being good God-fearing men, dey ascended to Heaven where St. Peter met them at de Pearly Gates.

He said, “Welcome to Heaven, gentlemen.  I’m sure you’ll be quite comfortable here, but I must warn you dat we do have our rules in Heaven.  If you break dem, you’ll be punished.  

De number one rule is, never step on a duck.  If you step on a duck, the duck quacks, den dey all quack, an’ it just goes on de Pearly Gates an’ were surprised to find dere were ducks everywhere! In no time at all, LeBlanc stepped on one. 

De duck quacked, den they all quacked, they made a terrible racket an’ it just went on an’ on.  Pretty soon along came St. Peter wit’ a terribly homely woman in tow.  "I warned you dat if you broke de duck rule you’d be punished”. He chained de homely woman to LeBlanc an’ said, "You will be together forever,” an’ walked away.

Sometime later, despite his best efforts, Broussard accidentally stepped on a duck.   De duck quacked, den dey all quacked an’ made a terrible commotion dat jus’ went on and on. 


Keep Coming back. I will be adding more.