About Us

In 1999 Larry Boudreaux wrote and published his first joke book, Dat Boudeaux Ain't Me It'sMa Cousin.  In the following years, he wrote two more books to complete his legacy.

In 2006, after loosing his wife, He started developing Cousin Boudreaux's Food and Dip Mixes.  He figured that Cajuns not only liked to laugh at his jokes, they would like to eat his food.  A few months later he started selling his new products at art and craft shows around Louisiana.

He added his new products to his website so his customers could continue purchasing Cousin Boudreaux products all year.  Many customer would send products to relatives all over the country and sales continued to grow.  It was easy for them considering we ship all over the US.

In 2007 Larry married Caroline, a wonderful lady and great Cajun cook. Most folks know that Cajun cooks don't measure the way regular people do.  It was a major job to convert her recipes for her first Cookbook, Caroline Boudreaux's Cajun Comfort Food.  She has just finished and we have published her third book.

We are primarily an online business but want to meet all of our customers when we do craft shows in your area.  keep up with our blog to see when our shows are schedules.

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